How to keep your data in safe hands, with Tikit

One of the biggest modern risk areas is data. And preventing it from falling in the wrong hands.

Use of email can be the greatest contributor to this risk and there are two elements to this. The most recent, and fastest growing, is that of emails being hacked or copied to facilitate bank fraud. A recent report showed that fraudsters stole over £208m from banking customers, and we all know that solicitor’s client accounts are prime targets.

We should all be aware of the need to verify bank details, especially when sending large sums to ‘the other side’. Having details captured centrally makes it easier to validate and check against, before falling victim to a scam.

The other area of risk concerns data protection. How often have you received an email not intended for you? Over the years I’ve received all sorts, even a set of estate accounts sent in error. Most systems have email integration. In an ideal world, users will create their emails from the case management system, sending to contacts attached to the case. However, we know that not all users work in this way and so it is easy to send emails to incorrect recipients.

I’ll leave you with a true story. Years ago, I was applying for a new role. There were 2 jobs available, the one I didn’t apply for was filled and an ‘all company’ email was sent announcing the appointment to @250 recipients. To which my boss, to his horror, did a ‘Reply All’, informing all 250 that he assumed I had not been successful. Outlook is a very popular tool; a lot of fee earners live in Outlook. Most systems have integration with Outlook. The very good ones will prompt you to review exactly who you are emailing and with which attachments in between you hitting send and the email being sent. If only he’d been using such a system.

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