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Put yourself in the shoes of your client for a moment - thinking of having a Will can be a tough reality for most to face, taking the steps to create that Will can be daunting and finding the right law firm to handle such a sensitive matter can feel impossible.

We believe that the process to creating a Will should be as easy as possible not only for your firm but more importantly your client. Integrating our Online Will Planner Solution to your website will offer a fast, reliable process to make your clients feel more comfortable and satisfied when beginning their legal journey with your firm and can be done in as little as three steps. 

Hear what a client has to say

“Working with Accesspoint over the past 2 years has ensured a seamless approach to the major developments of P4W that we have carried out and further developments benefiting the firm, our teams and our clients.  One of the biggest projects we have completed with Accesspoint was our Online Will Planner which has made the whole process of completing a simple Will online a massive success with our clients and cuts down the time lawyers spend dealing with administration work.  As the firm continues to grow, we will continue to work closely with Accesspoint to ensure that we are at the forefront when it comes to technology.”
IB, Sales & Marketing Manager - GloverPriest

Step One - The cleverly designed web form can be branded and integrated to your firm’s website, it will be user friendly and provide a number of features to ensure clients don’t get stuck or confused along the way. A clear step-by-step process guide and progress bar for clients to see how much of the form has been completed will be visible directly on the webpage. Additionally, based on the client’s input, the web form will alert the user on screen if the will is complex and requires a consultation.

Step Two - Once your clients complete the web form, it will then be submitted to your firm where a solicitor can verify all the data before submitting it to P4W. Once the verified data is injected into P4W it will then create a client entity and matter, store all of the information within bespoke Managing Partner tables and insert the Will template.

Step Three - Once the client submits the form, an email is sent in real-time to the designated users for the next stage. Processing the Will template will either merge data from the form into a simple Will or trigger a series of questions and answers which, together with information captured in the web form, build a complex Will.

It is important to not fall into the cycle of offering a high-quality service that is overshadowed by a complicated process because you assume your clients are fully aware of the legal process and know what to do. As we have seen countless times, many clients need as much help as possible right from the start and can often base their decision on who offers a quick reliable service. Explore adding an Online Will Planner to your firm and watch the instant benefits take place for everyone.



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