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At Accesspoint we see the importance of bringing automation into the legal world. During busy working schedules and deadlines, no one wants to be manually filling in forms and wasting precious time, when they could be focusing on providing excellent service to their clients. With the ever-increasing workload and changing working environment, now is the time to invest in reliable automation to get the job done whilst saving resources within the firm.  

We offer a wide variety of pre-coded Oyez forms to provide firms with a more efficient and effective method of capturing data within the legal process. Our Oyez Forms help streamline your firm’s workflows with the feature rich form system offering an innovative, dependable solution that integrates easily within Tikit Partner for Windows (P4W).  

What are the benefits?  

Pre-coded: All Oyez forms are pre-coded with the standard core information held within Partner for Windows. These fields include the standard client and matter information as well as fee earner information. 

Tailored forms: Over a thousand forms have been created to help your firm. The Oyez packages cover many legal categories such as civil procedure, conveyancing, inheritance, Landlord and tenant and family forms. 

Accurate data: Ensure accurate data each time as the Oyez form injects important details from the entity and matter straight into the desired form. 

Saves time: The Oyez forms allow your firm to spend less time on manual processes, such as re-entering data and relying on paper-based forms. Important details are automatically filled in so your firm can focus on making for a better experience. 

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