SeeUnity: Addressing your organization’s big data concerns

Due to the rise of big data, organizations have accumulated surpluses of structured and unstructured data that negatively impacts a business’s ability to function efficiently. To address these issues, organizations are implementing storage, governance, and utilization strategies that often lead to higher levels of success and profitability. These strategies include use of technologies such as application integration and synchronization, and migration to cloud-based repositories.   

The Negative Impact of Unstructured Data 

Unstructured data grows 40% each year4 and has an undeniable impact on organizations. Only 1% of this data is analyzed or used for business objectives2, while 85% of all enterprise data is considered redundant, obsolete, or trivial (ROT) and was projected to cost organizations $3.3 trillion by 20201. Much of this cost comes from additional man-hours, with 60-80% of the typical analytics project dedicated to the collection and cleansing of unstructured data5.   

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