Charthouse Lawyers, deploys Repstor custodian for Legal™ for integrated matter management

Newly implemented platform enables cost-effective and structured file management with a single source of truth. 

Belfast, May 26 2020 – Repstor, the Content Services and Microsoft 365 matter management specialist, has today announced that Canadian law firm, Charthouse Lawyers, has selected Repstor Custodian for Legal™ to transform how it manages critical documents and emails.

Previously, the firm relied on paper documents and printed emails while lacking any consistent structure or filing hierarchies across its PCs. Without a central file server, retrieving key documents was a manual and time-consuming task, involving searching hundreds of banker’s boxes worth of physical paperwork. The company wanted to automate its document management while integrating with its existing Microsoft Office 365 environment.

“When I began leading Charthouse Lawyers in 2019, I wanted to create a single electronic source of the truth, establish a uniform folder structure and take all our legacy data to the cloud while maintaining data protection best practices,” explains Spencer Keys, lawyer and managing counsel, Charthouse Lawyers. “Under our existing system it took us 5 to 30 minutes to retrieve the right document, which not only wastes time but also interrupts a professional’s focus on the task at hand where it can take another 30 minutes to get back to that focus. We were also charging file retrieval fees of $75 when clients called to request old file information, when it should have taken seconds, which understandably our clients didn’t appreciate.”

Charthouse Lawyers evaluated the market and found that, although there were a number of options, most were too focused on corporate law firms with deep pockets and numerous employees. With only six permanent staff, Charthouse Lawyers wanted a solution that would work in a smaller company at an affordable cost. It was impressed by Repstor Custodian for Legal™, which seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office applications, Windows Explorer and Outlook. By extending the powerful document management capabilities of Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint, Custodian for Legal™ provides legal case management software collaboration, document and email management at a price point that can work for small and large firms alike.

“Repstor enables me to make full use of our existing Office 365 investment with all the functionality we need at half the cost of competing solutions,” continues Spencer. “Now our employees have instant access to the information they need securely and via an interface with which they are already familiar.”

The arrival of the deadly global pandemic Covid 19 soon demonstrated a further benefit of the Repstor solution: with employees needing to work from home, Charthouse Lawyers was able to give each a laptop with Office 365 and Custodian for Legal™ so they could access all the documents they needed without any complex provisioning or special VPNs.

“Charthouse Lawyers shows we are committed to expanding our presence in the North American market and how Custodian for Legal™ is an ideal fit, even for smaller law firms. Small and medium-sized firms often find the costs and management overheads of proprietary solutions prohibitive.  At Repstor, we have worked hard to make the solution affordable and, since it’s sitting on top of our clients’ existing Office 365 system, the requisite management skills are readily available,” comments Sheila Gormley, Repstor’s Executive VP of Legal Solutions and co-founder. “Spencer and his team now have the flexibility, security and reliability to access the information they need, regardless of location, enabling them to provide better service to their clients.”

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