Another Briefing tablet giveaway prize winner gets their hands on our tabs

We offered yet another amazing prize for people on the Briefing subscriptions list back in June - a Samsung Galaxy Tab! And the lucky winner of this wondrous device was none other than Holman Fenwick Willan risk and compliance officer Benjamin Clark (pictured, left).

Benjamin Clark of HFW receiving his prize from LSNHere he is receiving his tablet, on which he will be religiously reading Briefing from now on, from the rather windswept Rupert White, Briefing's editor. Ben had spent some time in the Far East with HFW and, though he's returned, he loved it and wants to go back. We've also been out to Shanghai and loved it, so we can't blame him one bit.

Well done, Ben!

We'll be offering more tablets to read Briefing on in September, and you just have to be on the list to be entered into the draw - sign up to Briefing here.

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