Advanced Legal: The digital-first law firm

Artificial intelligence, big data, chatbots and enhanced automation are coming to a practice near you.

The perception that UK law firms are laggards when it comes to the adoption of new technologies has moved on. No longer waiting to ‘see what happens’, successful law firms are quickly adopting, and even developing, a digital-first work environment. 

Perhaps the most surprising element of this change isn’t the fact that progress is being led by larger firms, but that so many smaller firms are also successfully investing in the technologies that give them the flexibility and agility they need to compete and win. The risks associated with standing still and doing nothing are becoming ever more precarious.

Law firms aren’t the only ones benefitting from a move to digital. Legal consumers also win in terms of easier access to services, increased transparency, faster completion and lower fees. Case management that provides clients with clear contact details, 24/7 matter updates and document sharing is a great example of traditional technology that has evolved to meet modern requirements. 

Not only do these features allow lawyers to cut administration and save time, clients who feel a part of the process report much higher levels of satisfaction. 

A Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) Client Satisfaction Survey showed that 76 per cent of conveyancing customers were satisfied with their solicitor, primarily on the basis of speed and efficiency, the ease with which they could contact them and the frequency of matter updates.

To read the full white paper from Advanced Legal click here.

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