Accesspoint Media Services – Gaining the competitive edge with payment portals

Ensuring your website does more than the bare minimum is a great way to keep a competitive edge and help keep up with larger firms. Always think about the client experience and how they react when they go onto your website - ask yourself could it be better? 

A sure way to instantly enhance your clients overall experience on their legal journey is the integration of a payment portal on your website. This will quickly cater to your clients’ needs of requiring a more efficient, convenient and remote way to pay their deposits/initial consultation fees at the start of the process plus any outstanding fees at the end of the case. 

The main features 

Easy to use: 
Clients simply access the portal with a ‘Pay Invoice' button on your website, hyperlinks on an email or even a hyperlink embedded into your letter templates. 

Once on the portal, simple default fields are required: payment amount, invoice number, client name and email receipt address. Once submitted they are presented with a secure payment page in which card details can be entered and submitted. 

As standard your portal will be customised to your firms branding, but we also provide a customisation service which allows you to edit the entire design to suit your requirements. Our portal is deployed with our standard data fields but can be customised to accept any data fields your firm requires. 

Payment Gateways: 
Our portal integrates seamlessly with over 50 payment gateways such as Stripe, WorldPay, Sage, Global Payments and more. This allows us to integrate the portal with your current financial setup to create a streamlined payment process. 

Email Notifications: 
Our portal comes with pre-configured email notifications for complete traceability between your firm and client. As a client places an order, the client and your firm will both receive email confirmation. Emails are also sent when there is an issue with the client’s payment, such as incorrect information or expired cards. 

Administration management: 
The portal has a secure login area for your designated internal contacts to log in and view reports of all transactions handled by the portal in granular detail. Monthly/Annual revenue reports can be dynamically created to track performance. Each order can be viewed and manually edited to accommodate instances in which clients make typos or errors on their payment. Notes can be added to orders for internal usage and email confirmations can be re-triggered. 

The portal uses secure payment gateways to provide you with a PCI-compliant experience that works across browsers and devices of all sizes. No card details remain on the portal, sensitive data is tokenised and sent directly to the payment provider without passing through our servers, so you remain PCI-DSS compliant, at, all times. 

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