DPS Software: Paperless onboarding and conveyancing in lockdown

Covid-19 and the lockdown have made things very difficult for conveyancers. Much throughout the conveyancing process involves face-to-face contact, which, given our current plight, isn't ideal.

However, technology can make the process slicker and easier for both you and your clients. With DPS Spitfire, you can complete the conveyancing process more efficiently, paperlessly and give your clients a better service.

Join us on our webinar and we will show you how our Land Registry integration will save you time and also how you can order searches from TM Convey and other search providers via DPS.



Welcome to the webinar and general introduction


Sharing forms for completion with clients via MLS


Land registry Integration


A little about TM Group from TM Group


How to 'buy' searches from TM Group fully integated to DPS


General Q & A

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