Stanmore Law reaps time and cost-saving benefits by switching to Insight Legal

The law firm

  • The firm is a well-regarded High Street practice with a client base of High Net Worth individuals, property and commercial lenders.
  • It has a reputation, earned over a 50-year period, for providing a high quality and personal service.
  • The firm is now advising 3rd generation family members on their personal and business legal requirements.

The requirements
Gabriel explains that the trigger that led to consideration of a new IT system was notification from Stanmore’s existing supplier that support of its Videss V9 system would be coming to an end. He said. “We received the letter in 2017. The system was originally installed in 2005 and in recent years it was increasingly cumbersome to operate. For example, frustrations existed that simple reports took far longer than they should to be generated. We reached the view that replacing Videss V9 was an opportunity for the firm to both improve efficiency and to save costs”.

Gabriel has been the firm’s Practice Manager since 2012. He had a thorough understanding of what a new system needed to deliver. He began his research by attending LegalEx in 2017 at Olympia. He went again a year later when it became clear renewed impetus existed amongst the partners to bring about change. Gabriel knew that any new solution had to deliver as a minimum:

  • A complete and successful migration of all data from the old Videss V9 system
  • Ease of use and access to information for users
  • Ease of time recording (to encourage fee earner buy-in)
  • An easy to use accounts module with a simple report generator
  • Value for money. A realistic but not excessive budget had been set

An initial shortlist of five viable suppliers was drawn up and Gabriel made arrangements to see a demonstration of each one and to ask questions. Some of the demos were face-to-face, some over the internet. The shortlist was whittled down to three, of which one was Insight Legal.

Read how Insight Legal provided Stanmore Law Practice with a solution and read the results by downloading the pdf now.

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