How HEY Bendall Property Lawyers have integrated their DPS case management software to their telephone system

Karl Irons the Managing Director of HEY Bendalls Property Lawyers of ELY Cambridgeshire decided that he wanted to fully utilise the dialling capabilities of DPS Outlook Office, our case management software. He felt his solicitors and team would benefit from having the system dial contacts that are on the file, saving the time taken for the call and the corresponding attendance note against the file, automatically.

He went further and wanted incoming calls to automatically display a screen showing the client and the pos- sible matters that could relate to the call. This would allow the practice to handle calls more quickly and more professionally. Thus they would increase their level of service but with no extra work for the fee earners or sec- retarial staff and would begin time recoding the call to the correct file. 

The argument in its simplest form was "if I can recognise calls on my mobile phone then why can't I recognise them in the office and have the system tell me which matters these clients might be ringing about?"

This made absolute sense and the potential benefits were considerable. Clearly, for this to work Karl needed their telephone system supplier- BSAS Telecoms, DPS and Samsung- their phone manufacturer, to work together in order to deliver the solution he needed. 

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