How Baskerville Drummond defined and implemented an IT strategy for a progressive regional law firm

Executive Summary

Client challenge:
To align IT with business and improving reliability and performance whilst bringing expenditure in line with industry benchmarks.

  • IT issues were a regular occurrence which hampered productivity
  • Expenditure on IT had risen to 9.6% of turnover – a premium price for sub-optimal service
  • Lack of a thought-through and comprehensive IT strategy had led to an ad-hoc “shopping list” approach

BDC’s Solution

To develop and execute a IT strategy to resolve fundamental challenges with the current provision.

  • Undertook detailed IT strategic review which factored in the impacts of earlier business decisions in developing future strategy
  • Identified a program of short to mid-term projects to improve day to day issues
  • Developed a longer-term strategy to full address all issues identified in the initial review
  • Re-negotiation of contracts to improve terms, detail formal SLAs whilst reducing cost
  • Executed the agreed strategy

Engagement impact

  • Cost reduction strategy in place and on track to bring IT expenditure in-line with industry benchmarks
  • Significant risks and technical issues caused by hosting arrangements and application delivery methods are resolved
  • Enhanced end-user support with strict SLA in place with penalties for poor performance
  • End-user experience much improved with enhanced mobility

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