ETSOS case study: Redkite Solicitors

Redkite Solicitors is one of West Wales’ largest law firms, with nearly 100 staff across six offices, and represents the successful merger of two long established practices, Lowless & Lowless and Morris Roberts.

With conveyancing a strong feature of both firms, there was an immediate desire to bring the teams together, standardising processes and workflows to improve efficiency and customer service. This also presented an opportunity to streamline how searches were conducted across the new organisation.

The rationale

Partner and property lawyer David Sangster explains: “Upon merger we could see that we had a bit of a mish-mash approach to searches, some electronic and digital-based, others still manual and paperbased. We wanted to quickly consolidate on the more cost and time-efficient electronic route but weren’t totally satisfied with our existing provider. System usability, customer support and turnaround times were key drivers for us and we felt there was distinct room for improvement. When we were introduced to ETSOS, shown the ordering platform and taken through the company’s operating style, we could immediately see a clear gap in what was on offer and what we were getting currently – a search/purchase screen that was Google-esque in its simplicity; highly experienced, responsive and dedicated account managers always on the end of the phone; and great performance on both cost and turnaround.


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