DPS Software case study – McGuinness Legal

According to the firm’s founder and owner, Joanne McGuinness, they are a specialist team, innovative in the way they work, with excellent skills and knowledge that have helped them establish a transparent method of working with their clients. McGuinness Legal are a niche child practice based in Stoke-on-Trent.

By opting in for the managed IT solution from DPS, McGuinness Legal no longer had to incur separate IT costs or employ in-house technicians. This solution has also enabled McGuinness Legal to outsource the Cashiering function of the firm which has resulted in considerable savings right from the start.

dpscloud has also removed the need for a common working space, as Joanne points out. 

McGuinness Legal are also using the DPS Family Case Management Software which was described by Joanne as ‘’very comprehensive, easy to use and Legal Aid-compliant.’’ As they are using DPS’s managed IT solution, the system is updated for them automatically ‘’so we don’t need to worry about updating our forms’’ said Joanne.

These DPS systems enable McGuinness Legal to deliver a quick, transparent service as well as control their expenditure.

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