Karen Turner at PCS Legal on how using Perfect Portal resulted in efficiency gains and new business

In 2018, PCS Legal – a Basildon-based specialist conveyancing and probate firm – had come to the realisation that the provider of their longstanding quote platform wouldn’t be doing any further development. “The platform was actually hindering us,” says Karen Turner, the firm’s business development manager.

Quotes are the firm’s lifeblood – generating and getting them out quickly is crucial. PCS Legal needed a platform that could keep up, not only with its growing business, but with changing client expectations around transparency and immediacy.

There had been some buzz on social media about a company called Perfect Portal, remembers Turner. Its tools enabled firms to provide immediate quotes to clients, in addition to automated updates for all parties, all the way through to completion. In October 2018, the firm invited them in to do a demo.

It was a perfect fit. “Within five minutes of them showing us the system, we knew we wanted it,” says Turner. After a few months of building in documents and other information, and Perfect Portal giving on-site training, the system went live in March 2019.

In a short space of time, Perfect Portal has helped PCS Legal gain new business, and develop its ‘new business’ team. “It’s also created other lines of work that we were unable to do before,” says Turner. 

This article was first published in LPM's February issue 'Connecting Clients', click here to read the full article.

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