Alex Williams at Tikit on the importance of being transparent with clients

There has been a lot of talk around trust lately, and for good reason. Consumers are, more than ever, wanting businesses to demonstrate they can be trusted throughout the entire client experience. For law firms, the change in the Solicitor Regulation Authority rules last year brought many opportunities to change the way they operate and show trust through compliance with aspects such as price and service transparency. Although law firm compliance can be confusing to keep up to date with, the cost of underinvestment is great.

And despite these new regulations being in place, many firms are still not fully compliant when it comes to how transparent they are. Costs must be presented in a ‘clear and easyto-understand format’ providing at least a total cost, if not an average range of costs for that legal activity.

A recent Bellwether report highlighted that only 29% of independent law firms are happy to publish their prices. This comes with growing concern that advertising service prices could drive consumers away as they become savvier to the alternatives available. However, efficiency, speed and service are actually still ranked as more important than price among a lot of the public.

This article was first published in LPM's February issue 'Connecting Clients', click here to read the full article.

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