Agile advice special: Improving client service productivity from home

Hubshare is a secure digital workplace portal that enhances client engagement through collaborative working, secure file sharing and project management. Businesses can quickly and easily tailor each portal to their client or project needs and provide users and external parties with a branded and customised platform.

With the move to mass homeworking Hubshare is an ideal platform to aid productivity within internal teams, but even more so in terms of improving client services.

With your teams working remotely it is paramount you are all moving in the same direction to deliver the best client service. No longer can you go to the paper file, or turn to the person next to you, for an update. Having a centralised client area where you all work is key to keeping the whole team up to date and avoid duplicating work.

Anytime, anywhere
Each centralised portal is where sensitive documents can be shared, stored and accessed, anytime, anywhere. In addition to the file-sharing element, users of Hubshare can track project progress, ensuring targets and deadlines are met, as well as having an overview of their project. This dynamic and optimised interface means you can easily visualise and manage your workload, view progress and assign additional tasks to users.

Keeping your clients continually informed of latest document versions, a task’s status, or matter spend can waste valuable time and resources. Being able to proactively provide an online service that delivers all of this seamlessly by integrating with your internal systems is key.

Integration is at the heart of Hubshare, be that with your document management system (DMS), practice management system, Office or digital signature. Having a platform that has integrations with many legal-specific solutions is paramount to delivering exceptional client service.

With options for one or two-way synchronised integrations with your DMS, it is effortless to transfer your files straight from your DMS into specific client portals. Our automation process can build a client portal from a company template, syncing files and users as a matter is created in your DMS without you needing to lift a finger.

Within each client portal the dashboard allows you to present a full overview of a matter or project, including presenting financial data that is pulled directly from your financial systems – a great way to keep clients up-to-date with budgeting and current spend.

Depending on company preference and data compliance regulations, Hubshare can be hosted in a multitude of locations, meaning you have control over where your data resides. Whether this is in the cloud, on one of our five secure Microsoft Azure data centres, on-premises, or even in your own data centre. In addition, with two-factor authentication, single sign-on and high-grade encryption your documents and data are always secure.

Maximise your company’s productivity, stay connected and stay secure.

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