ADDS: Easy media storage and rotation tips

Back up Daily, Weekly and Monthly

Data loss happens without warning. As a result, backups should be a constant part of your routine. Daily, weekly and monthly backups offer blanket protection for every version of your files.

Use Several Data Tapes

Never rely on one tape for your backups. You’ll run out of storage space fast, and if your tape becomes damaged or lost, your data disappears too. Instead, appoint specific tapes for your daily, weekly and monthly backups. 

Label and Bar Code Your Tapes

A solid data protection plan requires keeping your backup media organised. Label and barcode your tapes for tracking and management throughout their retention lifecycle.

Retire Old Tapes Securely

Every tape has a finite lifespan, and the disposal of digital data should adhere to information retention guidelines. Even after you erase data from tapes, the footprint of data that’s left behind on them can be retrieved and misused. Use a secure destructionservice to destroy old and unwanted tapes.

Partner with a Media Storage and Rotation Provider

Protecting your data is a huge responsibility; fortunately, you don’t have to go at it alone. Media storage and rotation service provided by a trusted and qualified partner ensures your data is protected and preserved long term. After your data is backed up, a uniformed, screened data protection specialist transports your backup media to a purpose-built data vault equipped with the following technology:

  • heat and fire-resistant paneling
  • temperature and humidity regulation systems
  • gas-based fire suppression
  • security monitoring and entry control systems

Specialised tape management and barcode technology is used to monitor the movement of each media asset, ensuring a continuous chain of custody while your media is rotated. During an emergency, your data tapes can be delivered quickly to your designated emergency hot site.

As you can see, with these easy media storage and rotation tips, data protection is anything but complicated.

Archive Document Data Storage (ADDS) provides data backup and storage solutions for businesses throughout London, Bristol, Bath, and Swindon. Please contact the File Queen for a free consultation or further information

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