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Designed for legal and accountancy firms, encompass verify is the only Know Your Client (KYC) solution with real-time access to multiple global data sources that automates internal on-boarding policies and offers fast risk-assessment workflows, designed to ensure  compliance with AML/CTF regulations.  With encompass verify, professional services firms reduce lead time from client on-boarding to revenue and demonstrate their commitment to robust regulatory compliance. encompass verify offers pre-built integration to all leading sources of AML & credit data and is set up to reflect your specific internal KYC policies, ensuring a process that is ten times faster, providing robust AML/KYC compliance at a fraction of the cost.
encompass is the most successful KYC platform on the market, created by founders  who intimately understand the need  to fully know your customer. encompass founders Wayne Johnson and Roger Carson were involved in a  business deal  that failed.  Badly. Upon reflection, Wayne and Roger knew access to clear and comprehensive information on those involved with the deal in the early stages would have resulted in quite a different outcome. This led directly to the creation of encompass and encompass verify. A company with the purpose of offering the full picture. The values of encompass have become very important to the company - they drive everything we do; we believe the best decisions are made when people understand the full picture.
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