Webinar: content + marketing = revenue

Video length: 35 mins 14 secs

Marketing pioneers Manzama’s own VP of marketing, Lisa Flynn, and InsideLegal’s head of content and legal marketing, Jobst Elster, provide a clear roadmap to success, in this webinar

Content is the single most powerful and versatile tool in our arsenal at Manzama. Content is king, but with so much being published today it’s easy to get lost in it. If you don’t provide the path for the reader, they get lost in the resources available and forget where they started. 

Content marketing is about a completely new mindset, new buyer behaviours and a shiny new set of tools to address it all. However, many of you are facing the challenges of creating a strategy today with yesterday’s tools.

Learn proven methods that position your organisation to optimise web presence, demand generation and inbound marketing efforts. Expect real life examples of successful Content Marketing that include:

  • Content marketing strategy
  • Inbound marketing techniques
  • Establishing thought leadership
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Increase digital discoverability

Join in the conversation about how you can optimise marketing efforts, measure ROI, increase your organisations discoverability on the web, and ultimately increase revenue!

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