Trendspotting: how to outmanoeuvre your competition

Video length: 20 mins 53 secs

For a trend to be valuable, it must give you first mover advantage. Learn from the experts how to sift through the internet chatter and identify the trends that make a difference to your business -or to your client's- before the other guys do. Every professional armed with the right tools has the potential to be a trendspotter. 

Join Phil Duong, director of strategic knowledge for a 20 minute guide through trendspotting. He will share methods to identify these critical trends - and how to use it to your organisation's advantage, including:

  • Knowing where to allocate investments
  • When to make course-corrections
  • Where to build relationships
  • How to cultivate thought-leadership, and/or
  • Knowing when best to strike

Don't sit in the passenger seat - when a trend is declared in the mainstream (social) media, it has already spiked. Take the drivers seat to be ahead of the curve - and become a thought-leader through trendspotting.

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