The Business Instructor video: What to give away (and what not to give away) to potential clients for free

In this video I’ll show you how to work out what you should give away to free to potential clients in you marketing, articles, or conversations (before they hire or instruct you) and what to keep back until after they have become your client. Using the ‘Free Line Analyser’ tool will help you avoid giving away too much too early which could encourage the potential client to believe they have got all the advice they need or can now do it themselves.

Most of my clients offer some kind of initial consultation or meeting for free as the first step to getting a new client. And one of the most common questions I get is “how do I know how much to give away for free in those initial meetings?”

The problem most professionals have is this – they want to impress the client in that first meeting which means demonstrating expertise.

And the way they do that is by giving the client advice on the project or problem they have.

But the danger is that the client might go away from that free meeting or conversation thinking they don’t need any more advice.

So where do you draw the line about what’s free and what isn’t?

I want to share with you a tool I created recently for clients in my Profitable Practice Programme to help them identify exactly where they should draw the free line.

Watch the video to see me demonstrate the Free Line Analyser Tool.

Once you know where to draw the free line, you know what you should help your client with during any free initial consultation or meeting (or even a fixed fee initial meeting – the principles are the same) and what you should share with them only once they’re paying you.

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