Service Excellence in the Legal Sector

The legal sector has gone through some radical changes in the last few years. An increasingly sophisticated consumer with access to a wealth of online information, services and DIY kits; Publicised information by the legal ombudsman and namely the introduction of Alternate Business Structures (AB’s) and entry into the market by organisations offering innovative mixed services.

Thanks to the most revolutionary aspect of the Legal services Act 2007, Legal Services can no longer just rely on their professional qualifications; they now need to display a focus on the client experience. With an increasingly competitive market, solicitors and legal firms fighting to protect their share of the market, many organisations are now starting to realise that client care and the client experience is an important aspect of their business regardless of what the practice.

The only obvious key to success in this changing landscape and the only real differentiator is to start putting the client at the core of the service provision, the success of which depends upon solicitors upping the ante by giving the clients what they want and how they want it.

Customer Service Excellence is a framework offering a practical tool that drives customer focused change within organisations. It aims to bring professional high level customer service concepts into common practice.

At the heart of Customer Service Excellence are well researched concepts around the key aspects of Customer insight and how this can be used to deliver a truly customer focused services.

A growing number of legal organisations are starting to explore this solution that will enable them to be smarter with their resources and deliver a service once the right way and not waste time, effort and money delivering a service the way they want but not always the way the customers want.

The Benefits

Customer Service Excellence will not only contribute to your bottom line and improve delivery but will also develop your staff by allowing individuals and teams to explore and acquire stronger customer focused and customer engagement skills and can address the following:

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