Five secrets of influential people

Insight, tips and ideas on how to win more high value work

The acquisition of influence is a long-term process. It is the gradual accumulation of credibility over time, and it is a strategy far more than a skill.

Are you paid the salary you deserve? Are your contributions in meetings given the attention they merit? Are you ‘in the know’ in your firm, part of the ‘inner circle’, a ‘mover and a shaker’?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then you are probably suffering from an influence deficit.

Influence is the magic dust that gets things done and gets you where you want to go. Without it life can seem like the punishment of Sisyphus - however much effort you put into rolling the boulder uphill, you seem condemned to watch it roll back down to the bottom again.

Download the PDF above to get the five secrets.

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