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  • Conscious Solutions discuss Source Conference 2019 »

    The day opened with the host and MC Celia Delaney storming onto the stage to Firestarter, was this a start of things to come? Celia set the tone for the day and cracked the odd joke here and there before she welcomed to the stage Viv Williams our consulting director who expressed his concern about the current challenges facing the sector and hoped that the day would shed some light and give everyone a new source of inspiration, of ideas and of innovation.
  • Hubshare announces their partnership with Reynen Court »

    We are delighted to announce that Hubshare are among the first to partner with Reynen Court as a featured vendor. On the 15th August 2019, Reynen Court LLC announced the Beta release of their software platform designed to help accelerate the acquisition of new and existing technologies for law firms and legal departments.
  • Enable are excited to announce their new partnership with Tikit »

    Tikit, a global provider of technology solutions to legal firms, will be including our PitchPerfect solution as part of its marketing and business development ecosystem.
  • Clocktimizer shares the new generation of legal CFO »

    In the years before the financial crisis, being a CFO of a law firm was (for the large part) about crunching numbers. With an hourly rate structure, it wasn’t as complex as some industries and for the large part CFOs supported strategic decisions rather than made them. However, an increasingly competitive market post-crash, and a change in perspective on firm billing has moved the goalposts. CFOs now must design financial strategies to make the business more competitive, understand new fee structures and ensure they are sustainable. Technology, more than ever, is essential to supporting and informing them. Welcome to the new generation of legal CFOs.
  • Win new clients with data driven fee quotes from Clocktimizer »

    Picture the scene. Fancy Investments Inc. (a potentially exciting new client) has decided that they need to review their external counsel. They are looking for a firm to advise their asset management team on regulatory and tax management issues. Their Procurement Manager has got hold of the Senior Partner at your firm to request (amongst other things) a number of fee structures in order to determine whether to award your firm the work.
  • Conscious share latest changes to Google's local search pack »

    For those who have been watching the evolution of Google’s local search pack that sits above organic results on a typical S.E.R.P. page, there may be another seismic shift on the near-horizon. Over the years we have seen that crucial bit of contested digital real estate devolve from a 10 pack to a 7 pack to a 3 pack, but things may be changing. Google has been rolling out a new test phase for displaying the “local pack” in the U.S. The latest design would appear to show results in a scrollable carousel format that inevitably includes a paid ad placed prominently above the scrollable local results.
  • Wilson Allen announces record client engagement, company growth, and team expansion at ILTACON 2019 »

    Catalyzed by 2018 strategic merger, Wilson’s focus on streamlining end-to-end client life cycle management for law firms continues to resonate with a rapidly evolving industry
  • Pinnacle waste no time in going live with Intapp »

    Pinnacle has confirmed that it has become the first client worldwide to complete the roll out of Intapp’s Cloud-based time recording solution – and is already enjoying a 100% improvement in time entry velocity just six weeks on from go-live.
  • Improve your pitch-ability with smart technology and automation »

    2019 has seen continued innovation growth in the legal-tech sector, with law firms embracing the opportunity to use automation and AI to drive higher levels of efficiency and greater value for clients.
  • Interview with Arabella Bown – Sales and marketing manager, Enable »

    09/07/19 marketing & bd
    Back in May, when there was actually some sunny weather! Enable were proud to be involved in the invite-only Janders Dean #Secret Horizons conference held on 16th May. The event, which hosted a group of industry-leading speakers, provided a dedicated focus on the future of law firm marketing and business development including the future of legal technology.
  • Wilson Allen and ClearlyRated announce strategic partnership »

    09/07/19 marketing & bd
    Partnership to help firms incorporate real-time client feedback into business analytics to inform strategies for growth
  • Our pitch to you »

    02/07/19 marketing & bd
    Like all businesses, a law firm’s success relies on their ability to consistently make successful bids for new work, via a managed flow of well-crafted pitches that stand out from the competition.
  • What In-House lawyers want »

    21/06/19 marketing & bd
    In the ever-growing client focused legal industry, it’s becoming more and more important for lawyers to provide their clients with what they want. To provide them with a competitive alternative to the huge list of available law firms.
  • DealCloud gets Pinnacle vote »

    17/06/19 marketing & bd
    Following on from its roll-out of TRE’s 3E and Data Insights solutions and more recently its adoption of Intapp Time 8, legal technology consultancy Pinnacle has now gone live with Intapp DealCloud to drive its CRM/BD activity.