The P.I.S.A content formula: The easy way to write client-attracting content

Do you find it hard to write those website articles, blogs, case studies and other content that you know would help you attract more clients?

Or, perhaps you make the time and effort to write them, but feel deflated when they don’t seem to work?

I get it. I’ve been there too, and I know it’s really frustrating.

If your content isn’t attracting your ideal clients then the problem is probably that you’re just creating and publishing information, rather content that educates your ideal clients about why they need your help, and why they should choose you.

This is exactly the situation that came up recently when I was talking to some of the clients in my Profitable Practice Programme. They’d been busy writing content like case studies and articles for the website, but it wasn’t doing the job of educating their ideal clients about why they should pick up the phone or email and book a consultation or meeting.

So I invented a quick formula to help them turn any piece of content into content that educates about the right things.

It’s called the PISA content formula and here is what it stands for:

  • P for Problem. You’ve got to explain the problem that you solve.
  • I for Impact. What is the impact of that problem? Every problem has an impact. When the impact is big enough, your client will want to take action to fix the problem.
  • S for Solution. What is the solution you offer? Not the ‘how to’ but the high level ‘what’ you’ll do to help them (Note: giving the ‘how to’ will mean they are less likely to want your help as you’ll have told them how to do it themselves – so avoid that!).
  • A for call to Action. What is it that you want them to do having read your content? Do you want them to call you for a particular type of consultation (free or paid)? Or fill in an enquiry form? Give them a clear and compelling call to action so they exactly know what to do next.

So that’s the PISA Content Formula – a simple formula for creating client-attracting content which makes it quick and easy to do – and effective in attracting new clients.

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