Gary Shaw at Accesspoint Legal Services on building a resourceful culture of client engagement

Client engagement for the legal sector has evolved greatly. We continue to see the methods used to obtain and maintain clients improving through the use of a more considered and joined-up approach. Now, more than ever, firms must pause and look at the environment around them to see how client-centred operations can create new and exciting opportunities to gain that all-important competitive edge.

All too often clients get the short end of the stick owing to a firm’s inability to handle the ever-increasing daily volume of client administrative tasks and - let’s face it - everyone is under pressure to deliver more while ensuring that there’s no compromise on quality. However, now there’s help at hand with cutting edge technology in ‘intelligent’ automated forms that allow fee earners to dramatically speed up their workflows as well as minimise errors made when filling out forms manually. An increase in streamlining data, thus saving days of admin time, will ultimately free up fee earners’ time so they can focus on giving the client better service – and ensure that the client stays loyal to the firm. A wide range of automated forms that focus on a number of services - such as family proceedings, property, police station forms and more - are becoming available in the legal industry. It’s vital that firms don’t overlook the options available to them; investment in these areas can demonstrate to clients that your firm is working on making their ‘legal journey’ as easy and stress free as possible. 

This article was first published in LPM's February issue 'Connecting Clients', click here to read the full article.

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