Simmons & Simmons

Simmons & Simmons is not currently an LSN networkpartner. If it were, you would find a wider range of information about the firm on this page, such as recruitment contacts, video and images about the firm, detailed location information and maps, social media feeds and more.

In the absence of a full profile, here's what Simmons & Simmons says about itself on its website:


Our clients, the work we do for them, our people and our culture mean that we are well positioned to achieve our ambitious plans for growth. Our clients choose to work with us because of our client centric approach which means we really understand their business - their challenges and ambitions - and we are known for delivering the highest quality, tailored service.

We are looking to recruit high performing graduates, lawyers and business services staff who will help the firm achieve its potential, and who want to develop their career in an innovative and collaborative environment. Our high performance culture demands, supports and rewards the highest performance, allowing you the opportunity to shape your own career in an environment where your development is truly invested in.

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