SeeUnity announces the launch of its new website

SeeUnity announces the launch of a new website, featuring a modern design with improved functionality, making it easier to navigate and access the essential resources needed to help customers and partners make well-informed decisions about their content integration and migration strategies.  

Over the last 16 years, SeeUnity’s API-based Enterprise Content Management integration and migration products have evolved significantly, now serving more than 500 global customers of all sizes, including Fortune 500 businesses, top global law firms, and government entities. With the help of trusted partners and resellers, SeeUnity drives collaborative innovation that is transforming the way people work and manage their data. SeeUnity’s products securely connect organizations’ best-in-class technologies and improve user adoption, efficiency, and workflow.  

“Dan Hunsinger and I founded SeeUnity with the goal to build a company driven by partnership and innovation,” said Dan Anderson, Co-founder and CEO of SeeUnity. “Because of our customer-focused approach, we have grown from a two-person SharePoint solutions company into a trusted global technology provider with over 30 connectors and a team of dedicated employees. Our new website reflects SeeUnity’s growth and solution-oriented mindset.” In today’s digital world, the importance of API interconnectivity is becoming essential as cloud services are rapidly being adopted and companies increase their reliance on remote working access. SeeUnity is uniquely qualified to support these customers with its API-based solutions. 

“The industry is shifting toward a service-oriented approach and cloud providers will have a big impact on customers leveraging those services to automate, scale, and better serve their own clients. It’s becoming more important for software companies to increase the speed of applications and reduce the cost of supporting business systems,” commented Dan Anderson. “As an API-based product company, we will continue to provide new and innovative solutions to add value for our customers and partners.” 

To learn more about SeeUnity’s API-based integration and migration solutions, visit the new site at 

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