LR Legal nominated for recruiter best client service award

LR Legal are pleased to announce that we have been shortlisted for the Recruiter Awards Best Client Services category. This nomination reflects our excellent and long-standing Client relationships, something of which we are extremely proud.

Part of the success of our Legal Recruiter to Client dynamic derives from the fact that we are small enough to be able to provide a personal service yet have the expertise to support larger Law firms with our unique brand of Legal Recruitment. Our aim is refreshingly simple – to guarantee that we will tick as many boxes for both parties to ensure the perfect match but also to think outside of the box when needed. We know our market and are firm in our belief that outstanding Legal Recruitment is always about being selective, targeted and ultimately, having the intelligence to make the correct decision.

Due to our trusted reputation and the fact that we always go above and beyond for our clients, 95% of our business is with longstanding repeat law firms. They come to us with questions about the Law industry, marketplace and seek advice about crucial business decisions. We have been successfully trading and growing over the past 14 years in an industry where many others have had to cut back or close. Our excellent client relationships have allowed us to change direction when needed and grow to the successful Regional Legal Recruiter we are today.

For the category, we were asked to give recent examples of excellent client service. We chose the following:

Recently our MD and one of our Senior Recruitment Consultants were invited to the client’s office to meet directly with the Senior Partner and HR Director to discuss a challenging recruitment campaign. It was a measure of how well trusted LR Legal specialist knowledge is as we were the only recruitment agency to provide two viable options for a Court of Protection vacancy that had been open for over a year.

We often pool and search talent that other Legal recruiters may discount. We are confident that by applying technical knowledge as well as client fit we source the best Legal Candidates. We think outside of the box and have recently successfully placed a Private Client Solicitor into a role after more than a decade working in other sectors and raising a family. Her transferable skills, articulate and professional manner and willingness to start at a junior level made her an asset to the firm and she has quickly progressed.

Over the past 5 years, LR Legal has facilitated upon the request of our Clients three successful mergers. These have presented as individual Law firms wanting to grow seeking our excellent industry knowledge and market overview to approach the right firms to join with. We also regularly assist with succession planning stocking our client’s firms with the best talent and advising on recruitment campaigns for these roles. Both the merger facilitation and succession advice are not billed but are provided as a measure of goodwill for our valued longstanding Clients.

The results of our exceptional client service are clear. Our Law firms come to us for up to the minute market information and industry knowledge on a regular basis. They trust that we are not only an exemplary Legal Recruiter but that we also can advise them on how and where they stand in the market, who is doing what, who their competitors are, current trends and technical expertise. In other words, we provide a 360- Legal Consultancy service that allows our clients to maximize their business potential through talent that is right for them.

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