Allen & Overy joins the UK’s Fair Education Alliance

Allen & Overy today announced it has joined the Fair Education Alliance, a coalition of organisations from across the UK’s business, education and charity sectors founded in 2014. Together, the Alliance is working to tackle educational inequality with the aim of building a fairer education for all by 2022.

The Alliance aims to build a system whereby no child’s educational success is limited by their socioeconomic background. It has devised a set of measurable goals which focus on narrowing the gaps between schools where the majority of pupils are from areas of high deprivation and those from more advantaged backgrounds.

As a corporate member, Allen & Overy will focus its support for the Alliance on helping it reach these goals. The legal practice will share expertise and pledge its support for a range of objectives from narrowing the gap in literacy and numeracy at primary and secondary school level, to helping young people develop key strengths such as resilience and wellbeing to bolster high aspirations. It will also concentrate its efforts on narrowing the gap in access to university education.

Partner Mark Mansell commented: “The Fair Education Alliance is a natural fit for our business, we are proud to join it and passionate about the work that we will be doing to support it in reaching its goals. Access to education has always been a cornerstone of our corporate responsibility initiatives and we feel that businesses have a vital role to play in tackling this issue. We want to see others join the Alliance in order to help create a level playing field to make education and life chances fair for all young people.”

For further information, please contact Rebecca Hooper,, on +44 (0)20 3088 2152. To learn more about the Fair Education Alliance, please visit

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