Purple Skies video: Are you overwhelmed with your career?

Overwhelmed with your career choice? They say having too much choice is the worst thing. Like a child in a sweet shop, too much choice makes it harder to decide.

What about if your plodding along whilst your trying to work it all out? In the hope that something might happen. A sign will appear telling you which way to go. Or a decision will be made for you therefore that will help you decide. This is all leads to, not taking responsibility. Who’s responsibility is your career? Yours. The buck stops with you. You are the one in control and make the choices. If left to others you will feel undermined, unmotivated, grumpy and frustrated.

We can feel overwhelmed in many areas of your life, not just being overwhelmed with your career. This can lead to stress and depression. Just having too much choice and access to too much information leads to overload. Knowing what information is relevant and where this can help you is a dilemma on it’s own. Then applying the information can feel like a huge change. A bit like making a New Years Resolution, where it works for a while but then after a while the novelty wears off.

How nice it would be if you knew which direction you were heading. How nice it would be if you knew what to focus on. The relief of knowing what you have to do and actually doing it. Seeing that you are taking action and making progression. It would be like a weight of your shoulders if you understand what your goal is and what it looks like.

This article on Forbes talks about 5 areas to simplify if your feeling overwhelmed with your career. However, even for some of us thinking about these five areas can be overwhelming in itself. The thought of starting to network, deciding which social media channels to focus on or working out which information is useful can send the brain into melt down.

So take a deep breath. Take a step back. And just pause for a moment!

Watch this video to see of this helps you work out what you need to be thinking about.


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