Purple Skies: Four ways to find your career goal

Not having direction allows feelings of un-fulfillment, frustration and unhappiness set in. This can lead to lack of motivation, stress, burnout and depression.

When I’m working with my clients, some of them don’t know what their goals are. Or they think they do but are confused on their options. When we delve a bit deeper we find that in this instance the goal they think they want isn’t really the one they want to work towards. By delving even deeper we find what that goal is. It may not be to change the world, it may be having more personal time and reduce the time they spend in work, for example.  But to that client that goal provides them with more clarity about their options and which ones to take.

In order to work out what your career goals are, think about the following questions. Here are four questions to ask yourself to help you find your career goal:

  1. What is important to you in your career?
  2. What would you like to do or achieve?
  3. What don’t you want in your career?
  4. What do you really enjoy and love doing?

Spend some time thinking about the answers to these questions. Write down your answers, then reflect upon what you have written. You should start to see what it is you want to work towards and from that be able to put some goals together. 

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