Avention reports a strong first half of the year in the UK

Avention, maker of OneSource Solutions for smarter business insights, has enjoyed an extremely successful first half of the year in the UK. The business has secured 45% more new contract wins in the software and IT sector than it did in the same period last year, with the industry now making up around 18% of Avention’s overall portfolio of customers in the UK. The company has also grown its presence in the Legal, Financial Services and Consulting industries, with the OneSource platform capturing increased market share in all three.

Taking into account these recent business wins, Avention’s most serviced sectors in the UK currently are:

  1. Business and Professional Services
  2. Computer Services
  3. Commercial Banks
  4. Legal Services
  5. Investment Services

Avention’s customers are attracted by the strength of its service offering – which the company is always seeking to improve as organisations’ data requirements become increasingly complex. Earlier in the year Avention added OneSource DataVision and the OneSource ABM Solution to its product portfolio, enabling marketers to combine first and third party data so they can understand their current customer bases in detail and identify the most relevant target companies and segments. The company has also substantially grown its global data coverage, now partnering with more than 100 data providers to provide access to over 50 million active companies through the OneSource platform and 82 million in total.

In addition, the company recently made several enhancements to its OneSource platform in response to feedback from customers. These are focused on ease of use to continue to improve sales and marketing effectiveness and efficiency: the platform’s updated user interface (UI) will help users find the customer and prospect data and insights they need faster, while usage dashboards will help marketing and research teams improve user engagement.

Commenting on Avention’s UK performance in the first half of 2016, Paul Charmatz, SVP International, said: “In the wake of recent political events in the UK, we expect to see increased demand from a number of sectors as businesses start exploring what international opportunities are out there. OneSource can help companies really get to know different markets so they can make smart, informed decisions about where to most effectively focus their budgets and resources.

The recent launches of DataVision and OneSource ABM Solution, along with our growth in data coverage and the enhanced OneSource platform, have put us in a stronger position than ever before to service our customers’ ever-evolving data needs. Increasing numbers of organisations are realising the benefits that Avention OneSource Solutions can bring to their business, and this year’s strong sales performance is reflective of that. We look forward to partnering with all our new customers – as well as our existing ones – for many years to come.”

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