Releasing dormant client account funds to support The Access for Justice Foundation

Rupert White Posted By Rupert White
from Burlington Media Group

The Access to Justice Foundation is asking law firms across the country to work with the Foundation to gain as many client balances 'under £50' which have remained dormant and where the client can no longer be traced.

The aim is to encourage participation by firms in the light of the fact that there is a recognisable administrative burden on Finance Managers to do this.

While not the focus of the initial campaign, it is also hoped that sums over £50 will be donated, but these require the firm to apply to the SRA on a case by case basis.

Although to many firms the funds generated seem relatively small, collectively they will represent a significant contribution towards the work of The Access to Justice Foundation which is vital at this time of Government cuts to legal aid.

This document is a PDF factsheet for finance directors, practice managers and partners in law firms outlining how client monies can be legitimately released help fund the Access To Justice Foundation.

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