Rekoop sets Gold standard for time capture

Time capture specialist rekoop has announced details of another win in the UK mid-tier. Following on from the Clarion Solicitors deal in July comes news that full service firm Anthony Gold has signed to roll-out rekoop for mobile.

The project will see the deployment of rekoop across a mix of iPhones and iPads, with full integration with the firm’s Norwel practice management system.

Rekoop mobility cartoon

David Smith, the firm’s Head of Compliance, believes the case for the rekoop solution is overwhelming: “We had an issue in that, while time recording is firmly embedded within the firm, we didn’t have an effective means to capture time accurately and thoroughly when out of the office. So once mobile, we were losing time and, of course, money. We’ve calculated that if each user captures just one extra unit per month through rekoop, the system will pay for itself - and given the very slick and engaging nature of the mobile app, we’re confident that users will now be capturing 100% of their time regardless of location."

Phil Wedgwood, rekoop’s CEO, believes mobile is increasingly a key driver when it comes to time capture: “We’re talking to a lot of firms like Anthony Gold who have had time recording in place for years, but whose systems haven’t kept pace with the changing work habits of fee earners, and whose functionality doesn’t extend beyond their desk. But with so much work done away from the office these days, that is potentially a huge amount of time either going completely unrecorded or recorded inaccurately. With rekoop, the time capture interface is always with you, on your smartphone or tablet, and entry and review just come down to a couple of swipes and clicks.”


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