Rekoop proves upwardly mobile in Ireland

Time capture specialist rekoop has announced details of its latest signing in Ireland. Eversheds, the country's only full service international law firm, will deploy rekoop firm-wide to some 200 users, integrating with a LexisNexis Axxia PMS. Eversheds becomes the vendors second largest Irish site.

Rekoop time out pictureThe roll-out will comprise rekoop Desktop, the primary time recording interface; rekoop Digital Footprint, which monitors activity in the background and encourages more accurate, complete time capture through configurable prompts; and rekoop for iPhone and iPad, whose native apps enable the fast, seamless recording of time on the move.​ 

Eversheds' IT director Nicholas Eustace explains the drivers behind the project: "The way our teams work has changed considerably over the past five years. We're an international firm with international clients and as they're never off the clock, neither are we – that's meant a huge increase in working time spent away from the office, either on the move or at home, and we needed a time recording solution that would track time wherever, whenever. Accuracy and completeness of timesheets is down to immediacy and timeliness – record it as it happens and you won't have time 'leaking' away. The improved data is vital not just for billing but for management information purposes too, in terms of costing, resourcing and efficiency levels.

By implementing rekoop, we also have the chance to effortlessly refresh the user front-end, without having to go through an enforced early PMS upgrade. Fee earners and support staff now have an intuitive, consumer-friendly interface for time entry that is available to them on any device at any time. And it's not without its benefits for the IT team either – it's a very 'light touch', low impact technology that enables rapid roll-out with minimal training requirement. In a nutshell, it's exactly what we were looking for."

Phil Wedgwood, rekoop's chief executive, is keen to highlight the growing influence of mobile functionality. "Mobile is always one of the top two reasons for switching system. We could see that was the way things were going to go and that's why so much investment was made in our applications for smartphones. We are the only vendor in this space who has developed original native apps that fully leverage the functionality of Apple iOS, as opposed to just mimicking PMS web views; for users that means an instantly familiar set of tools and widgets, entry screens optimised for that device and the slick interaction you get with Apple products. If you want that critical user buy-in, you need to go properly native."

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