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We've changed. LSN has a brand new website, a new look and feel, and a new newsletter.

We've split our site into the main channels you work in: finance, HR, technology, KM, marketing and BD, risk and compliance and practice management. This means you can get straight to the news, views and business information you need for your area. Check out our new channels with the nav bar, above.

We've improved every area of our content, and added many features and other clever things. Our Top 100 Directors research is now even easier to use. We have a special section for our Research and Reports. We've made specific sections for video and podcasts.

But we've also created some entirely new areas, and totally rebuilt others. Here are the most important examples:

Ask The Experts

We've created a new way for people to give each other advice and help. LSN's forum is no more - in its place, we've created Ask The Experts, a question and answer system that works like a blog.

Anyone can ask a question and the experts - you - can give your view or answer. We want you to feel free to use this as a discussion forum as much as a business information source, and we will be encouraging suppliers to get involved in conversations in useful, non-salesy* way.

Check out Ask The Experts now.

Comment with your LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts

No more anonymity. We've built in an easy way to 'log in' to LSN when you want to post a question on Ask The Experts or comment on a story, video or photo gallery.

People should be able to stand by the advice they give and the views they have online, and you should be able judge for yourself if the person who's speaking to you knows what they're talking about. We think you can only do that if you know who's behind the comments - so we've made it really easy to 'sign' your comments using your LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook identities on our new site. Once you've logged in once, you won't need to do it again within your 'session'.

We think this will mean more honesty, more accountability and, most important, better advice. We hope you think so too.

A new Community page, just for you

We've rebuilt the LSN site to better present your content, as well as video and photos from our networkpartners and LSN events and beyond.

We've integrated our site with our Flickr photo account, so you can see all our recent pictures on the Community page.

We've also integrated the whole site, especially the Community page, with our highly successful groups on LinkedIn.

New-look jobs area

We've redesigned our jobs site and made it easier to use, easier to engage with and easier to find your next career move. Check out LSN jobs today.

We've also integrated our jobs site with the rest of LSN - which means you'll see jobs relevant to your work area when you're reading information in the channel that's relevant to you.

All the information on legal industry suppliers

We've rebuilt from the ground up the way we present our networkpartners, the businesses engaged with the legal industry.

Now, their information - such as videos, case studies, contact details, products, news and locations - is just one click away from their pages, and we've added their Twitter feeds, Wikipedia entries and Linkedin information straight onto their pages, too.

New channel-specific newsletters

But, most importantly, we're moving to newsletters tailored specifically to your role area, and those of interest to you.

Like IT and HR? Sign up to receive both weekly newsletters. Want everything? You can sign up to receive all our channel newsletters, if you like.

Sign up today to tell us which newsletters you want to receive.

We want you to get more our of our new site, so we'll be tinkering with it and adding things to it over the coming months.

One thing hasn't changed: we'll still be giving you the best legal business services information in the world**.

Why not tell us what you think in the comments section below? Any suggestions are welcome...


* non-salesy is not a word, but it should be one. If you agree, we might petition the OED.

** this statement is merely an expression of LSN's belief, and is not intended to be taken literally.


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