Holman Webb has selected ADERANT Expert as its new financial management system

ADERANT, a global provider of business, financial, and information management software for law and professional services firms, today announced that the Australia-based commercial law firm Holman Webb has selected ADERANT Expert as its new financial management system.

Holman Webb is an Australian commercial law firm with multiple offices. Their clients include major insurers, national and multi-national corporations, SMEs, NFPs, NGOs and State Government departments operating in a range of industries around Australia.
The firm will implement the ADERANT Expert business and financial management system including Expert File Opening and Expert ClearView for role-based, graphical dashboards and advanced profitability analysis and reporting. The real-time access to key performance metrics will empower decision makers and enable the firm to better meet its strategic objectives.

“Our decision to partner with ADERANT was based on their reputation for successful, on time and on budget implementations and their focus on product innovation,” said Greg Malakou, Chief Executive Officer of Holman Webb. “The increased information visibility that we’ll gain using Expert ClearView will give us a strategic advantage and enable us to make more informed business decisions as we grow the firm.”

“Holman Webb’s selection of ADERANT Expert is further proof that delivering innovative products, rapid implementations, and superior customer support is critically important to world-class law firms,” said Michael Kohlsdorf, President and Chief Executive Officer, for ADERANT. “We are pleased to add this prestigious firm to our growing family of clients in the Asia-Pacific region.”

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