ADERANT Introduces Expert ClearView

ADERANT, a global provider of business, financial, and information management software for law and professional services firms, today announced the introduction of a new Microsoft SharePoint-based application for consolidated information access, Expert ClearView.

Expert ClearView represents ADERANT's strategy to greatly simplify how ADERANT Expert users can access and use critical information. It provides partners, practice group leaders, professionals, CFOs, and other key firm personnel with a consolidated view of both operational data and performance information, allowing them to improve decision making. The application tailors data to the needs of users based on their roles and presents it to them via interactive Microsoft SharePoint dashboards.

"Now more than ever firm leaders need timely access to accurate information about their firm’s performance," said Michael Kohlsdorf, President and Chief Executive Officer for ADERANT. "Expert ClearView puts vital information at the fingertips of partners, professionals, and finance executives, providing them with a clear view of their firm's operations. It gives users the insight they need to make faster, more informed decisions on how they can improve their operations and maximise profitability."

Tailored Information Delivery

Expert ClearView provides users with a single, consolidated view of information based on their role. Rather than requiring users to look through voluminous - and often dated - reports for crucial data or launch multiple applications to track down one piece of information, Expert ClearView provides users with a single, customisable Microsoft SharePoint dashboard that contains all the information relevant to their role.

The pre-defined, role-based dashboard pages allow firms to get up and running quickly while still allowing for easy customisation of the content displayed. The dashboards combine operational data and inquiries with analytical and performance information to provide users with the most comprehensive view possible. Partners and finance executives gain access to performance information, such as trends and profitability analysis, which helps them quickly understand how their business is performing and if any aspect of their operations needs attention or improvement. Professionals have a consolidated, graphical view of operational and financial data as it relates to their clients and matters.

Expert ClearView is available immediately, delivering role-based, Microsoft SharePoint pages to professionals. Expert ClearView includes ClearView Practice, providing operational information to professionals, practice group leaders, and executives, and ClearView Performance, providing strategic information and powerful analysis capabilities to executives and partners.

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