Winkworth Sherwood Copitrak Case Study

Rupert White Posted By Rupert White
from Burlington Media Group


Winkworth Sherwood is a highly individual law firm, committed to providing a relevant, competitive and professional service. Founded over 200 years ago and with offices in London, Oxford and Chelmsford, this top 150 law firm re-cently made the finals of the SNW 2010 awards, which acknowledges excel-lence among IT user-organisations in its ‘Best Practice’ programme.

The Challenge:

Anyone who has bought a cost recovery system in recent years will testify that it is a slightly curious market, with a small number of suppliers that, superficially at least, appear to be very similar in terms of product offering? So just how do firms choose between them? If you dig deeper, do you find differentiators or just more of the same? And is it ultimately as much about the service and support as the underlying technology?


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