SJ Berwin Implements Redwood Business Intelligence to Support Nimble Organisation

Rupert White Posted By Rupert White
from Burlington Media Group

For SJ Berwin, Redwood’s fully built data warehouse ensured a quick ramp up for deployment. The high level of consultancy and training at the firm’s disposal during the implementation of Redwood ensured that relevant project stakeholders from across the firm were able to up-skill very quickly as well as educating users on the potential of the technology.

The benefits of LexisNexis Redwood were realised from first use. “We were immediately able to view our business from a different angle, once Redwood had been deployed” says Giles, “Instead of the utilisation reports we had been running in the past; the output from Redwood provided full time equivalency. This brought to our attention unexplained missing billable hours in our time recording system. We were quickly able to identify where these hours had been lost and act as a business in a nimble fashion. Had we tried to accumulate this data from our systems without Redwood Analytics, the time taken to collate would have rendered the data useless.”

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