Debenhams Ottaway Save £500,000 in Salary Costs by Using Voicepath

Rupert White Posted By Rupert White
from Burlington Media Group

Debenhams Ottaway solicitors was formed in September 2008 following the merger of Turner & Debenhams solicitors and Ottaways solicitors. The two firms were individually significant, successful organisations with proud traditions but the merger resulted in a firm of nearly 50 Fee earners and 5 offices, both in London and in Hertfordshire.

The merger also led to a need to establish a new organisation and examine ways to reduce the overall cost base, especially as the tie-up took place just as the first winds of recession were starting to bite the UK economy – the Lehman Brothers collapse happened just as the merger became effective.

Chief Executive, Godfrey Mather explains: “Even before the merger was completed, we could see that the downturn was imminent and likely to be severe so we had to take a look at our cost base. Staff support costs were the highest single expense and also a fixed cost. We needed to both reduce this cost and make it flexible without compromising the efficiency of our service to clients in what was going to become an even more competitive marketplace.”

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