Carrick Read Debt recovery solicitors stay one step ahead using Proclaim

Rupert White Posted By Rupert White
from Burlington Media Group

Our primary ethos is recovering client monies quickly and efficiently. Eclipse Proclaim enables us to greatly reduce the amount of administration inherent in debt recovery, streamlining the process to reduce costs (for both Carrick Read and our clients) and make recovery as painless as possible.

We promote a 'full-service' approach - from pre-legal through to proceedings, enforcement and insolvency. The firm manages everything from volume recoveries to more complex individual cases, so our client portfolio is extremely varied and their needs are ever-changing.

We actually use Proclaim proactively when meeting prospective clients and demonstrating how our service can help them. By showing them how our internal software system works, we can help them to understand just how effective and cost-focused our service is. Building confidence and 'buy in' in this fashion creates ultimately stronger professional relationships which can of course only be a good thing!

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