When Belfast-based Cleaver Fulton Rankin implemented Timeslice’s integrated practice management system four years ago for its 100 staff, the firm had been with its previous timerecording system for 30 years, in addition to using a SharePoint system for document management.

Good data and financial information have always been an integral part of running a business, but in recent years the necessity to pull out business intelligence and management information quickly and drill down into data to gain insights has been on the rise, especially in the legal sector.

Established in 2008, Brady Solicitors continues to focus on being the leading law firm in the property management sector in the UK. It wants to grow consistently and have good financial performance.

If we’re honest, the legal sector has never been particularly quick to adopt new technologies. Traditional ways of working have always served us well in the past, so why change anything?

Well, the answer is because we can always get better. There’s always a new way to improve the level of service that law firms can offer their customers, and it’s often done through technology.

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The vision for the use of more joined-up IT within legal is now a major talking point across a good number of law firms and we’re now starting to see how this can be implemented to best effect on the ground. Your website has the potential to be an untapped vault of yet-to-be-found wealth.

All too often law firms have committed themselves to big expenditures on technology, websites and marketing, which are often vastly underutilised or sometimes even misunderstood. These have the capability to deliver a lot more when managed and used correctly.

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To reflect the desire of UKDEG to widen its focus and be more inclusive of international members, a new scope and rebrand is to be launched at its annual conference which includes updating the name to DOCUMENT EXCELLENCE GROUP (DEG).

While the group’s primary base of operations will remain in the UK, it will seek to provide a more global offering, supporting members with locally-driven content and representation, along with educational webinars accessible to all.

NetDocuments, the leading secure cloud-based content services platform for law firms, corporate legal teams and compliance departments, kicked-off Elevate 2019 in Salt Lake City, Utah, its annual North American customer and partner conference, showcasing productivity tools delivered directly to the workspace underscoring the mantra “NetDocuments is where you do work.”

The data breaches that make headlines often follow a formula: network attacks perpetrated by cybercriminals, who target massive companies with millions of users, for financial gain. The endgame is to try to sell the stolen information on the dark web or use it to blackmail innocent victims. The kind of breach that is far more common, but less likely to be the subject of a gripping Netflix documentary, is one that involves human error. After all, there’s nothing thrilling about a plotline that climaxes when a secretary attaches the wrong spreadsheet to an email.

With growing law firm competition, it’s more important than ever to ensure that efficiencies are maximised, and this includes billing. Billing is more than a simple submission process: it’s a form of communication with clients, and directly impacts on firm profitability. Therefore, more firms are looking to streamline the current process. But will an e-billing solution truly add value, not only for the billing experts but also for the firm?

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It’s often said that law firms are rather slow to embrace change as organisations. This may or may not be deeply frustrating for their clients, but in the current age of ‘disruption’ even the very largest of them need to consider how they too could be doing things differently to steal a march on the ever-shifting shapes of new forms of competition.

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Peppermint Technology are delighted to announce that Gepp Solicitors have signed a 5-year extension to their Peppermint CX contract to underpin the growth of the firm.

Since implementation of the Peppermint platform, Gepp Solicitors have delivered strong return on investment, with the introduction of automated processes both improving accuracy and increasing matter conversions – both of which have translated directly to the bottom line.

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