Human Resources

Human Resources
Legal Support Network is shaking things up this winter at the LSN Connect4Community Celebration!
What do you get from our networking events ...
  • Over three hours of networking with like-minded people at the only networking event for business services within legal!
  • A free networking masterclass
  • Exposure to over 100 law firms and suppliers
  • Assistance making connections and finding solutions
  • Help with finding a new job
  • Food and drinks 
  • The chance to catch up with old and new colleague

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After four years of (im)patient waiting from the world’s soccer fans, the World Cup has finally started today. Teams from 32 countries – and hundreds of thousands of fans and journalists from countless more – have descended on Russia for 31 days of joga bonito.

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This month:
LPM magazine finds out what makes SME firms competitive.

Special supplement:
Unite to thrive – Our friends at Tikit give the lay of the land on how law firms can benefit from an ecosystem of solutions.

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There was a time when law firm life was comparatively easy. The hourly rate dictated every aspect of legal business. Lawyers made their careers off the back of it and clients toed the line. Firms set the rules of engagement, and secured phenomenal growth propelled by year-on-year record profits.

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Finance directors play a critical leadership role in the legal profession, supporting their firms to adapt to sophisticated and changing client expectations while maintaining internal profits and building the right financial platform for growth.

But with firms looking more broadly – including outside the profession – for the right finance expertise, it has never been more important to understand the challenges of heading up the finance function in law.

We look at the several critical areas that the finance director will need to tackle.

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Every decade brings something new and cutting edge in workplace design and working practices. Cast your mind back, if you will – a few of you may even remember the endless rows of single desks of the 1950s. Some will recall the cubiclestyle workstations of the 80s. And even if you were still at school all those years ago, you might recognise the office layouts from the films of the day (think Working Girl or The Secret of My Success).

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Outsourcing your law firm’s administrative support functions can feel daunting, but has benefits for both your firm and the staff being outsourced themselves. This blog details what it actually means to outsource your admin functions, and how we work with support staff once they’re transferred to Intelligent Office, ensuring a smooth transition, and providing your firm with the best service possible.

The term ‘outsourcing’ is commonly used, but often there is little thought behind what it actually means.

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Jess Carey Posted By Jess Carey
from Burlington Media

Back in 2011, Robert Bourns, senior partner at TLT spoke openly about the importance of properly rewarding and promoting law support staff through renumeration schemes. In a piece written for the Law Gazette, Bourns penned…

“Salary structures can be developed to ensure that support staff are incentivised in a way that is similar to the partners interest in profit. Base salaries, with additional remuneration dependent on successful implementation or delivery of particular projects and firm profit.”

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