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This article was originally featured as a column in the October issue of LPM. To read the issue in full, download LPM.

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Growing a practice or business is hard at the best of times.

But sometimes there’s more stacked against us than we realise.

And if we don’t have a clear picture of what’s stopping us from growing, it’s twice as hard to know what to do to overcome it.

Over the years I’ve identified 3 Critical Factors that limit the growth and profitability of most practices I see.

These are:

1. Model: The professional services model is broken

The professional practice model is stacked against growth and profitability.

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One of the key elements to a successful interview is preparation, this helps to build your confidence for the interview and this guide gives advice and guidance on how to have a successful interview with a company, deal with telephone and video interviews and secure that all-important 2nd interview.

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You are invited to an exclusive Thomson Reuters live webinar

18 October 2017, 13:00pm (GMT)

With Brexit fast approaching and coming in to full effect, Thomson Reuters legal would kindly like to invite you to our upcoming Webinar: Brexit and the choice of law and jurisdiction clauses: views from Germany, Ireland and Italy.

The panel will discuss:

This month, LPM magazine sets out how legal management leaders can lead their people through change. 

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A&O’s head of operations in Myanmar, Win Ma Ma Aye, and Yangon associate Als Scrope, both visited southern Shan State in Myanmar earlier this summer to see how an A&O Foundation grant is helping the international landmine clearance charity MAG (Mines Advisory Group).

In a world where we are sharing more and more of our data, documents and personal lives online, ensuring that our identities are protected is crucial. A recent blog by Microsoft highlighted three important security hygiene tipsfor account protection that every organisation should consider, utilising the features of Azure Active Directory.

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The number of businesses embracing and updating new technology is expected to increase in the next five years.

It is expected by 2022 the global market for data centres, software, and services will amount to $1.5 trillion per year, reports Deloitte Global technology.

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Video length: 2mins 48secs

Andrew Vize, Pulsant’s Strategy and Marketing Director, discusses the company’s approach to hybrid IT and its Customer Connect solution that makes management of hybrid cloud environments much easier.

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