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Research conducted by LexisNexis for the Bellwether report series highlighted that small firms are becoming more and more attractive to legal professionals as their chosen employer. The Bellwether report, entitled Is the Future Small?, surveyed solicitors currently working at small law firms, where the majority – two out of three of those surveyed – had previously worked in medium to top-tier firms.

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On 25 November 2019, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) will launch its new regulatory model – but what does this mean for firms? In essence, it will allow solicitors greater flexibility in how they work. It will remove many prescriptive rules and take the burden off law firms, meaning their solicitors have freedom to use their own judgement to consider how they meet the SRA standards.

Some of the key changes include:

• Separate codes of conduct for firms and solicitors

• Simpler account rules

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We have recently secured a major deal to license, develop and support a product that is taking the accountancy sector by storm – it’s called Practice Portal. Price Bailey developed this groundbreaking platform as a direct result of getting a £500k quote from a major industry-renowned supplier and, in my opinion, quite rightly felt that there had to be a better way to harness the power of CRM firm wide without such a huge ongoing financial footprint.

Nick Hayne, the data master, answers some key questions around cloud provisioning and managed service providers (MSP) relations

Q. When talking to law firms, do you find they all want cloud solutions?

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It has been more than a year since the compliance deadline for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect and we’re now seeing the impact of this new legislation. A case in point is the £183m fine issued to British Airways for a data breach last year. Yes, customers were affected. Yes, BA will no doubt feel the financial impact – but for firms in the legal space the consequences of data loss are even more far-reaching.

We all know that AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning are among the buzzwords that frequently come up in meetings or discussions around innovation and problem solving. It’s also heavily mooted as a key part of proposed requirements by some supply partners. So, what is AI and how should it be approached to deliver organisational benefits? There are numerous definitions out there, so I’ve tried to take the best of what’s on the web and consolidate it.

• AI is designed to replicate cognitive tasks and/or simulate human intelligence.

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Leading managed service provider to the legal industry, Nasstar, has recently welcomed innovative fintech company, Shieldpay, to its growing customer base on a three-year hosted desktop contract.

As part of the partnership, Nasstar is delivering a tailored hosted desktop service to Shieldpay’s 65 staff across its 3 offices based in London and the USA, combining managed IT and security with end user hardware and enhanced Microsoft Suite support.

The latest Bellwether report titled, ‘The Good Solicitor’s Skill Set’, published today by LexisNexis UK, a leading global provider of information and analytics; finds a deep disconnect among solicitors between their ideals and reality of skills set needed by the profession.

The Digital Business Report

The 2019 Digital Business Report – an independent survey commissioned by Advanced – explores the state of digital transformation for over 500 British businesses, both SMEs and large enterprises.


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