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Workshare, the leading provider of content comparison and protection technology, today announced the appointment of Michael Garrett as its new CEO. As an accomplished technology executive, Michael will lead the company through its next phase of transformation and growth.

Garrett is a hugely knowledgeable technology leader, bringing more than 25 years of industry experience to Workshare. He has directed large and complex organizations through significant periods of change to deliver robust customer success, growth and profitability.

Handling cybersecurity

For several years, large law firms have been accused by the FBI and security consultants of being the weak link in the corporate security chain. While that may have been true 10 years ago, large law firms are now on equal footing with most industries in the application of sound practices to manage cybersecurity.

Diligen, an award-winning artificial intelligence (AI)-based contract assistant, today announced new native integration with NetDocuments, the leading secure cloud-based content services platform for law firms, corporate legal teams and compliance departments. The integration, available globally today, allows customers to simply and securely summarize and analyze legal documents using Diligen’s AI and Machine Learning tools resulting in faster, more accurate contract and business document review.

The currency of a legal enterprise is dealing in sensitive client matters. The information and data associated with those matters must be protected.

Firms must deliver a security strategy that will:



To comply with the GDPR’s tough new data requirements, Seddon’s knew it must find a solution to two major security issues:

1. ‘Dark data’ – how many documents were unsearchable within their systems?

2. Staff email behaviour – was it putting them at risk of inadvertent leaks?

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Today’s leading law firms have many things in common, whether it is top talent, steady firm leadership, efficient business operations, or the access and ability to leverage cutting edge technology.  These top firms are increasingly recognizing the significant value associated with innovative approaches to client service that include integrated teams and their ability to offer broader and deeper technology solutions.

New standards for the General Data Protection Rule (GDPR) went into effect on May 25, 2018. They affect any EU business that collects data from customers. One of the key factors in the new standards is that companies must take a strict approach to ensuring personal data is deleted when it no longer needs to be stored for the purpose it was collected for. GDPR non-compliance penalties are substantial: up to €20 million or 4 percent of annual turnover (whichever is greater).

tmgroup have achieved ISO 27001 certification. The endorsement is only awarded to firms that comply with a mandated set of requirements relating to information security management.  Certified businesses must evidence an ongoing commitment to continually improving their systems.

Information security is a critical business risk. It is attracting increasing scrutiny in the management of supply chain risk and consumers are more alert to the way their data is stored and shared.  

Joe Pepper, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at tmgroup comments:

On Tuesday 24th July, the Government published its updated National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) immediately replacing the previous NPPF from March 2012.

The aim of the update is to set out the Government’s planning policy as to how sustainable development across the board should be planned, and how planning applications proposing development of all kinds should be determined.

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