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What always happens to me a week after I get a new phone?

The next-generation version is announced. It’s always infinitely better and cooler, with a whole host of new features and revolutionary technologies I would just love to have. But no – I’m gonna be stuck with this embarrassing, already old-fashioned piece of kit for the next two years until my contract renews again.

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Quill’s launched a smartphone app in BETA format of its market-leading Interactive Cloud case management, legal accounts and document management software.

The Interactive AppBETA  is now free to download in the Apple App store and Google Play for iOS and Android users respectively. Featuring pretty much the same functionality as Interactive, Quill’s app allows users to view client and matter information, add new clients and matters, record fee earner time, use stopwatches, authorise e-chits and view listings of recent documents.

Quill’s Interactive case and document management software now integrates with Bundledocs, giving users document generation and bundling functionality at its best.

Quill-Bundledocs clients can take any combination of documents from Interactive, and quickly and easily compile numbered, indexed, sectioned and hyperlinked booklets – or bundles – in minutes. Regardless of size, subsequent changes to bundles can be performed in seconds.

We’ve recently completed an integration with SimplyAgree, a tool that streamlines the legal signature and closing management process.  Closing technology can now be seamlessly integrated into existing attorney workflows to maximize firms’ closing efficiency.  While parts of the integration follow a familiar pattern, other parts are unique, so I thought I’d go through how the integration was put together.

Behind the Process

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By nature, legal firms can be high-pressure environments. Employees are under the constant beck and call of clients and the workday can easily become stressful. So, as a legal partner, how do you lead your team in a way that inspires them to remain positive and productive? How do you get them to join you on the journey of creating a remarkable law firm that is held in high regard by both clients and the employees themselves?

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Phishing is the most significant cyber threat to the UK Legal Sector.

How do we know?

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) worked together with the Law Society, SRA, National Crime Agency and ActionFraud to determine the most significant cyber threat to the UK Legal Sector. The review of the data overwhelmingly evidenced that phishing was the most significant problem.

Whether it’s transcription and typing or marketing and managed IT services, outsourcing support offers most law firms productivity and profitability gains over in-house alternatives.

Whilst some firms will engage specialist consultants to help them select a managed IT service provider (MSP), the choice can be made simpler if the provider not only addresses the firm’s current IT concerns, but understands the likely trends and challenges, whilst proving to be a good, responsible partner at the same time.

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An inherent resistance

For any business operating today, change is inevitable. The legal sector is no exception and firms must embrace change to maintain growth, success and their competitive edge. While it is natural to be hesitant about change, law firms are seen as significantly more risk-averse than other business types, with many practitioners traditionally perceiving it as a risk rather than an opportunity. This is echoed by the top 10 law firms, who identified new technology as the biggest challenge that the legal sector will face over the next two years.

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How confident are you that your business is fully GDPR compliant?

GDPR can be complex, time-consuming and difficult to understand. Since the GDPR came into effect last year, countless surveys suggest that businesses are still confused by the regulation and struggling with the complexities. Heavy fines and damage to reputation are on the cards if companies ignore the new rulings.

Laura Loveday Posted By Laura Loveday
from Burlington Media Group

Following a competitive tender, law firm Taylor Walton has appointed IT managed service provider Quiss Technology, to support the firm’s ongoing digital transformation project.

Taylor Walton provides a range of legal services for both businesses and individuals in public and private sectors, with more than 150 committed professionals spread across the firm’s three offices in St Albans, Luton and Harpenden.

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